Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Et Moi

I wrote this one quite a while ago ... still like it ... so.

Trapped within the spaces of dark between lights in the brightly illumined room full of brilliant mirrors glaring at each other
Each man is lonely.
To search for loneliness is to search for interstitial space.
To know in toto is to illumine dark.
Neither is possible.

The lantern shadow swings
And shapes change shapes.
Oscillations: how the bullocks surge.

Bright lights stun when from the dark
They hit the retina like merciless light can.

Between light and dark is what man knows.
Is hopscotch rabbit jump
Potholes –
Light is full of them.

The dark sleeps stuporfully.
Movie films hurl images on screens
And fill white with light and dark.
Colors and dark.
Red and blue and light green and dark.
Like ominous undertones in the laughter
Echoing in haunted bungalows.
It hurts.

Dark dank cold glaring searing blinding.

What tales? What meanings?
In the balls of painful light is dripping darkness.

1 comment:

Saket said...

I am not able to understand a single line of this poem/stanza/story. But I am sure about the creativity of this work. Keep up the good work.

Do explain some part such that a novice reader like me can understand it :) !