Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Way It Ends

Last man on earth.
Runs from the last city leaving the last corpse…
Stepping over the last breast he will ever see.

He drags his crawling limbs to the slimy ocean;
Lets the waves envelop him of stinking death;
Rises, refreshed, to his feet;
Stands unsteadily on the balls of his ankle,
And, glaring at the clouds
That the heavens have raised to muffle their smle in,
He raises both arms as high as he can
And howls.
Yells mindlessly for revenge.

Then sinks back into the mire he rose from
And sobs.
Simmers with fear and loneliness.

The water covers him blanketwise
And pulls him gently into its clasp.
The wet wind heaves a sigh.
“Come that’s done,
And I’m glad it’s over.”

And it begins to rain.

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